Edesix is a leading technical solutions provider, specialising in scalable Body Worn Camera solutions. The Edesix Body Worn Cameras have been designed for the frontline worker – that means anyone in a public-facing role who may be at risk of verbal or physical abuse or whose actions may be questioned.

The Edesix Body Worn Camera Solution is designed to be effective, scalable and designed for users’ needs. The solution is comprised of the following aspects:

VideoBadge & VideoTag Series
The VideoBadge & VideoTag series from Edesix has been designed with the frontline worker in mind. Capture evidence, stream footage & wear easily.

VideoManager is an advanced, web-based software tool for managing video footage, system users and your suite of Body Cameras. VideoManager comes fully equipped with advanced editing tools, without any additional cost or training requirements

An extensive suite of accessories allows users to capture, share, stream & store footage effectively & efficiently.

Why use a body worn camera solution?

Frontline workers are regularly faced with abuse and public questioning. BWCs often act as a deterrent to abuse and are an unquestionable source of evidence.

Body Worn Camera solutions offer proof of actions taken. The audit trail features and tamper-proof hardware ensure the wearer is accountable for their actions.

The Edesix BWC solution can be integrated to any ONVIF-compliant Video Management System (VMS) meaning BWCs can complement your current CCTV security solution.

Edesix Body Worn Cameras ensure footage is secure at all times by encrypting the data on the device, and providing a fully auditable trail of actions within VideoManager.

The Body Worn Camera Solution is ideal for the following industries:

Parking Enforcement and traffic management
Paramedics and hospitals
Security personnel and lone workers
Police and prison services

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